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I am an expert at helping people get the life they want. Here’s how:


1. GOALSETTING. What is the life you really want? If you don’t know, in detail, exactly what that life looks like, how can you ever get it? Happiness means different things to different people; so first, we’ll team up to discover what it means for you.
2. PLAN. Next, we’ll we’ll create an achievable, simple daily action plan that moves you quickly toward the bright new future you’ve been dreaming about. You’ll say goodbye to anxiety, self-doubt and learn to sleep better at night. 
3. MOTIVATE. Let’s be real, here. I am not a coach for everyone. I’m tough. I promise I will call you out. I have a tendency to curse. It won’t always be fun. But what makes me different from the rest of the sea of coaches is this: I want you to fire me. That’s right. Fire. Me.
4. FIRE ME. If you don’t, I’ve failed. You’ll fire me when you’re armed with the glow of confidence, with the tools to transform challenges into opportunities, and the knowledge that yes, you can do it — because you are doing it! The only thing I ask, before you fire me? Recommend me. 
Because your success is my business


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Why Sarah

  Sarah is a results-driven coach who believes coaching should have a beginning, a middle and an end. A straight-shooter who believes that change takes work, passion, compassion and vision, her style has been described by clients as, “Tough, smart, loving, funny and uncompromising.” She especially loves coaching people who are tired of their own BS. 
  Sarah has travelled the globe and is an internationally certified coach. Her military background and work as a former burn tech have informed her passion for coaching. Sarah is also a licensed massage therapist, accomplished peer educator and proud mother to two sons.
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